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sunrise 7 seconds

Music Game and Promotion

Sunrise 7 seconds put the user's music know-how to the test and advertised the products and services on "sunrise-Music World". Music tracks had to be guessed as fast as possible, the collected points could be swapped for attractive prizes or could be cumulated for the raffle. Other features: Invite friends, Joker points and bonus round.
The game's viral effect was additionally supported via E-Mailings, print and online communication and diverse media partnerships and co-marketing actions which made the promotion website accessible to the largest possible audience. The music game has been used as an additional advertising channel for ongoing promotions, whereas the game as a driver reinforced the acceptance for advertising within the target groups.

In this year's Best of Swiss Web Award 2006, sunrise 7 seconds came off as winner in the category "Online & Mobile Campaigns". The project also received a certificate of excellence within the category "Online Marketing" and was nominated among 8 other projects for the Master of Swiss Web 2006.

Services: Concept, Design und Realisation in Flash
Realisation Partner: benaja web solutions
Customer: sunrise TDC Switzerland AG

elunia visual media

Visual communication and media design, professional solutions for web, print and digital media.