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CAcert Free Digital Certificates

The Australian Non-profit organisation CAcert.org is challenging providers of digital certificates that are expensive but essential for online authentication and trust.

Digital certificates are required as a basis to encrypt and decrypt data, to digitally sign documents and emails and to establish safe secure transactions over the Internet (SSL). So far there has been no alternative to commercial "Certificates Authorities (CA's)" who demand exorbitant fees for simple text documents that furthermore have to be renewed every year. CAcert allows privacy and security to all Internet users, because trust should be free.

How to obtain a certificate
A digital certificate is based upon verification of the certificate seeker's identity. The proof of identity with CAcert is warranted by a simple procedure called "Assurance". As part of the procedure at least two "Assurers" convince themselves of the authenticity of a person before issuing a personal certificate. Each personal certificate is being verified by CAcert's Root Certificate once identity has been approved and can then be used for the encryption of emails as well as for securing websites. (https://)

As a CAcert Assurer, David Broz is authorised to verify your identity.
Are you a system administrator or are you running your own web server?
Do you just want a S/MIME certificate for your e-mail account?

Please visit cacert.elunia.net for further information.

elunia visual media

Visual communication and media design, professional solutions for web, print and digital media.